Body Painting

Posted on 4 April 2018 at 11:44 PM

Body painting contest was done at Nusa Dua Fiesta 2012. Hundreds tourists watched the contest where artists painted on beautiful bodies of women. 

The contest was carried out at Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua, on Saturday(3/11/2012). The body painting ini picked the biodiversity of underwater life as its main theme. It was in accordance of Nusa Dua Fiesta theme "Segara Lelangunan". 

There were 27 artists joining the contest. They created paintings on bodies of students. Two of them were foreigners. It took two hours of painting on their bodies.

The contest coordinator, Ketut Darmawan said the body painting competition covered aesthetics, improvitation, and tidiness.

One of the judges, Jango Paramartha, said the contest was a part of freedom of expressions. "Every media give its own sensation and creativity," said Jango.

The contest picked money as the award. According to CEO of BTDC, IB Wirajaya, nowdays exploitation of sea life is getting more and more so it needs more struggle to enhance awareness to save the sea habitat. It was a big hope that the body painting on Dua Fiesta 2012 became the stimulant of it. 

"BTDC is getting and joining in taking care the environment. We plant the corrals for example," said Wirajaya.

by: Made Mariana / Astiti -