About Us

Bali Painting Collection – UbudPainting.com – Online Art Gallery is pleased to welcome you at www.ubudpainting.com. Bali Painting Collection and Online Art Gallery is currently one of the biggest Balinese galleries concerning the online sales of artworks, especially painting. We provide you magnificent, high-quality, and meticulous artworks created by professional Balinese Artists.

Bali Painting Online Art Gallery’s vision provide an easier way to locate and purchase Bali high quality paintings. Everyone can order original Balinese artwork from her/his home and office.

Bali Painting Online Art Gallery has an international market, including: the Europe, Asia, and Latin America. We are proud to work with the artists very closely and directly. 
The quality of our works has been checked by a team of professionals. The meticulously checked product will ensure the originality of the product. We also provide various styles to give you more options.

If you feel difficulty in choosing any artwork presented by Bali Painting Online Art Gallery, we would be gladly assisting you in making a perfect choice. We have highly skilled art historians and designers, who will help you in finding most suitable artwork for your interior.

Our priority is providing most comfortable, high-quality and fast services to our customers.